Benefits of Hiring a Residential Architect for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

Whether you’ve been considering updating your kitchen and bathrooms, adding on a sunroom and new deck, or building a two-story addition, all major home remodeling projects benefit from the expertise of a licensed architect.

Commonwealth Home Design has been co-owned and operated by a registered architect for over 30 years. As a design/build firm in Northern Virginia, Commonwealth is a one-stop shop, providing residential design services through project oversight during all phases of construction. Commonwealth’s involvement from start to finish adds inherent efficiencies and diminishes the chance for things to fall through the cracks. While many design/build firms employ home designers, very few have registered architects on staff.


Why Work with a Residential Architect?

Seeing Your Dreams Come to Fruition—A licensed residential architect has the training and expertise to translate your wants and needs into a detailed design scaled to proper proportions. Years of experience provide architects with the skill and foresight to not only see the big picture, but also all of the steps to get there. He/she will discuss and evaluate aspects of your lifestyle that impact your home design—for example, your desire for privacy, plans for family, traffic flow, entertaining needs, and your hobbies and interests. In addition to your immediate requirements, an architect will consider your expectations concerning future uses of your home.

Sketch of New Sunroom Addition

Sketch of New Sunroom Addition


Built Sunroom Addition

Built Sunroom Addition

Preserving Design Integrity—Professional architects uphold the highest standards and employ best practices in residential design to ensure maximum design integrity and efficiency, delivering gorgeous spaces you’ll love to live in and be proud to show off to your friends. Unlicensed designers typically lack the experience and training required to deliver an exceptional finished product. This can lead to missteps along the way, costing you time and money. Working with an expert residential architect is well worth the investment on large remodeling projects. The thoughtful exploration of your needs, review of schematics, and refinement of design concepts, will help meet, and often exceed, your expectations.

Balancing Aesthetics & Safety—The architect’s job is to not only satisfy your functional and aesthetic needs, but also to satisfy building codes and understand structural demands. This requires in-depth knowledge of building materials, construction techniques and local codes. Working with a licensed pro makes sure your home remodeling project is compliant. Architects also have a significant role in preparing documentation to acquire building permits. It’s one thing to know what’s code compliant and another to understand the various ways of achieving it through thoughtful design.

If you’re considering a home remodeling project, contact us today (703-255-9861) and we’ll help turn your dreams into reality!

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  • It’s reassuring to learn that integrity and efficiency are what a professional residential architect aims to achieve when designing a residential home. That’s perfect since I have no idea on how to start with the planning stage of our dream home. Design and drawing is not really my strong suit. I’ll call in an architect together with a contractor later to start this project. Thanks for the helpful read about the benefits of hiring a residential architect!

  • I really like that you mentioned that working with a licensed contractor will ensure that your home remodeling project is compliant with local codes. My wife and I are planning on remodeling and building an addition to our home as well. Having a reputable and trustworthy contractor help us carry out our vision would be amazing!

  • Amanda Drew says:

    I like how you say that an architect will be able to stick to building codes and the demands of the structure while also keeping it like you want it to be. My husband and I want to make our dream home, and we have a lot of ideas that we’d want to implement. It seems like we should find an architecture service to help us.

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