What a Difference a Home Remodel Makes!

Commonwealth Home Design turned a 1960s home valued at $650,000 into a modern $1,100,000 home through a whole house remodel and reconfiguration project. Several walls were removed on the first floor of the house, opening up the kitchen, family room, dining room, and stairs. The kitchen and all of the baths were remodeled and modernized. A 35-year old pool was updated with new plaster and flagstone replaced concrete slabs. A two-and-a-half car garage is now being added to the home that looks as good as brand new houses being built in the town of Vienna, and no teardown was necessary!

Kitchen Before RemodelKitchen Remodel AfterKitchen Remodel After

Kitchen Remodel AfterKitchen Remodel After


Kitchen Remodel Before

Kitchen Remodel AfterKitchen Remodel After


Enclosed Staircase Before

Open Staircase After
Open Staircase After


Bathroom Before

Bathroom Remodel AfterBathroom Remodel After


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