Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

Virtually all of Commonwealth Home Design's whole house remodel projects include bathroom remodeling and expansion projects. The bathroom is the first place we see ourselves every morning and the last place we see ourselves at night. Every day can feel like a luxury hotel retreat when your home includes modern bathrooms with spa-like ambiences and upscale amenities. When building new or considering a major home renovation project, invest in your bathrooms to maximize comfort, space and aesthetics.

Achieving the right balance of light in the bathroom is more important than any other room in the house. Consider these four levels of layered lighting:

a) Task lighting – ample, shadow-free light for routine grooming such as shaving and applying makeup.

b) Ambient lighting – bouncing light off the ceiling to soften shadows and create a floor to ceiling glow.

c) Accent lighting – provides depth and dimension, allowing you to illuminate select design and detailed bath features.

d) Decorative lighting – eye-catching fixtures that bring personality and luxury to your master bath design.

Maximum storage and eye-catching style can be obtained using fitted furniture for sink encasements, vanities and cabinets. Color and style are important when selecting furniture for a bathroom remodeling project. White-finish fitted furniture gives bathrooms a crisp and contemporary feel. Today’s contemporary preferences also embrace unusual wood-grains for bathroom furniture.

There’s nothing like a long, hot shower to loosen up our tired bodies and release our minds from stress. Multiple shower heads, temperature control and bench seating can turn a shower into a room of its own. Combining shower components in a variety of ways can achieve the perfect spa-like atmosphere. Multi-function shower heads deliver a variety of massage options, from pulsing to mists. Rainhead fixtures mimic the feeling of an outdoor summer shower. Bodysprays and hand-held shower heads allow you to direct the water flow right where you need it, providing relief for everyday aches and pains.

Stone, marble and tile are all trending finishes for contemporary bathroom remodeling projects. Combining natural stone textures and marble accents, unique patterned tiles and unexpected tile configurations add signature style to your new bathroom design.

Your shower door and glass can be custom fit securely against any surface, eliminating the need for unsightly metal shower frames. It’s a simple upgrade that increases value, adds a touch of luxury, showcases intricate tile work and creates openness in your renovated bathroom.

Let the sun shine in by adding bay window, oversized or floor-to-ceiling windows to your master bathroom. You’ll enjoy the warmth and energy of bathing in natural light and the dramatic views of the surrounding landscape—where privacy isn’t a concern.

A Zen bathroom embodies simplicity, clean lines, fluidity and functionality. The floor plan should flow effortlessly, blending one space into the next. The art of placement—a focal point such as a claw foot or pedestal tub or fitted furniture—can create a positive channel of energy throughout the space. Natural stone and wood grains, cool grey-brown tones, geometric patterns and glass tile finishes serve as a foundation for a Zen-like bathroom design.

The professional design/build team at Commonwealth Home Design will show you how to transform your aging bathrooms into beautiful new spa-like retreats. Call us today at 703-255-9861