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About Commonwealth Home Design in Vienna, VA

Combining the expertise of a registered architect, the precision of an engineer and a 35+ year, award-winning history serving the residents of Northern Virginia, Commonwealth Home Design is your design/build partner for transforming the ordinary into the exquisite.

What Makes Us Different

Located in Vienna, Virginia and co-owned by a registered architect, Commonwealth Home Design has been serving the residents of Northern Virginia for over 30 years. Our home remodeling and custom design projects include: new home design, whole house remodels, interior reconfigurations, major home additions, kitchen remodeling and renovation, bathroom remodeling and renovation, sunroom additions, family room additions and renovations, and media room additions and renovations.

We integrate various disciplines in-house at Commonwealth Home Design. This gives us tight control over timelines and processes that many companies relying solely on sub-contractors, don’t have. This allows us to respond quickly and effectively to any situation that may occur during design and construction.

Commonwealth is not only owned by a registered architect with over 30 years experience, it also employs architectural staff as project managers. We’ve had expert kitchen and bath designers on our in-house team for decades. This allows us to seamlessly incorporate kitchen and bath design, built-ins, fireplace designs, and interior design into any project.

Many clients ask us the very important question about whether our construction personnel are on-staff or subcontractors. This question stems from a valid concern about unknown and untested entities ending up on their project. All project supervision is handled by members of our in-house team with qualified sub-contractors providing services in areas such as electrical and HVAC installation. We’ve developed long-term relationships with our subs to ensure they fully understand our design aesthetic and approach.

Our clients appreciate that we are:

  • Diligent designers and craftsmen
  • Process-oriented
  • Attentive to detail
  • Focused on quality control
  • Expectation managers
  • Committed to enduring relationships

Our established, in-house design/construction team has created a tested delivery process that helps prevent schedule delays and budget overruns. This collaborative approach begins with a client’s vision and brings together architects, specialized designers, field craftsmen, and a supporting back-office staff, to deliver extraordinary designs in the most efficient method possible.

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Whole House Remodeling & Renovation

We offer a full suite of home remodeling and design services including:

  • Residential Architecture
  • Home Additions
  • New Home Design
  • Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation
  • Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation
  • Sunroom Additions
  • Family Room Additions and Renovations
  • Media Room Additions and Renovations
  • Whole House Remodels
  • Interior Reconfiguration and Remodeling
  • Residential Home Design Services

Visit our Portfolio for inspiration and get helpful information on Determining a Timeline and Budget for Your Home Remodeling Project.

One Point of Contact

Offering entire home remodeling design and construction services under one roof gives us tight control over timelines and processes that many companies relying solely on sub-contractors don’t have. This allows us to respond quickly and effectively to any situation that may occur during design and construction.

When it comes time for construction, our clients value having one point of contact, a project manager, throughout the duration of the process. Commonwealth project managers are onsite all day/every day, managing subcontractors, monitoring the budget and ensuring expectations are met. A project journal is maintained daily to communicate relevant, real-time information. This communication tool does more than just keep you informed; it proactively preserves the project schedule and design integrity and most importantly, manages the unexpected.

We invite you to read more about Our Process, meet Our Team and review Our Work on this site. If you still have questions or are anxious to get started, give us a call at 703-255-9861. We’d be delighted to add you to our list of Testimonials!
– Susan and Kelvin Pierce

Susan Pierce, co-owner and primary residential architect for Commonwealth Home Design, discusses why the firm is uniquely qualified to serve clients who want to remodel or build a new home in Northern Virginia.