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Your daily routine begins and ends in the closet. It should be a stress-free space you enjoy — a place of organization, tranquility and beauty. With a well-planned and designed closet, you are able to easily find what you need, take charge of your day, and save time!

The best way to maximize space in a closet is to effectively use the corners, depth and height of the defined area. This may require reconfiguring the existing floor plan or creating an entirely new space in your home for a larger, redesigned closet. In a recent project, we structurally modified attic space over our client’s garage, adding approximately 250sf for a sexy walk-in closet. We also reconfigured the master suite, master bathroom, and laundry, to create a luxury retreat for the owners.

A professionally designed closet includes a combination of rods, angled and flat shelves, drawers, and cabinets that specifically meet your needs. Adding a large island for smaller items like jewelry, hosiery, belts, ties, and other accessories preserves more wall space for storage. Installing three-way mirrored doors to the cabinets allows you to check your outfit head-to-toe before going out, and provides a boutique-style look while making the space appear larger. A large, sexy, closet can hold everything, so that trips back and forth between bedroom dressers and closet are rendered obsolete, saving time, and disruption.

Lighting plays an important role in closet design. Every well-designed walk-in closet requires a central focal point. Aesthetically-appealing central light fixtures with the right wattage and style can instantly transform a room into a more inviting space. Adding a chandelier or a large or framed pendant lamp, will go a long way toward making your space appear more upscale. A ceiling fixture with multiple light sources (bulbs) can really increase the ambient light in shadowy spaces. The purpose of ambient light is to provide a soft glow without glare. You may also consider adding indirect lighting to a cove or soffit above the closet space. This especially looks beautiful in high ceilings where direct lighting may be a challenge.

If your closet is on an exterior wall, consider adding a window to bring in natural light. However, be aware that a window takes up valuable wall space that could otherwise be dedicated to more shelving. Plus, the cost of installing a window may outweigh the benefits.

If you’re yearning for a closet with more space, better organization—or even your own personal boutique—Commonwealth Home Design has the expertise and vision to surprise and delight you! Let us help tame the clutter in your life and deliver the closet of your dreams!

Home Remodeling Northern Virginia

Renovated Master Bedroom Second Floor Home Remodel

Custom Designed Master Suite Built-Ins with Hidden Entrance


New Master Suite Luxury Walk-In Closet

New Master Suite Luxury Walk-In Closet


New Luxury Master Suite Closet Island & Bench

New Luxury Master Suite Closet Island & Bench


New Expansive Closet Design

Large Island and View of New Luxury Master Suite Closet

Photographer: Robert Merhaut (https://www.rmp-image.com/)