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The Chronicle of a Cherished Space

Commonwealth Home Design’s Historic Haven

Nestled in the heart of Vienna, VA, stands a building steeped in history and charisma, now home to Commonwealth Home Design. With walls that have witnessed over a century of change, this landmark, built in 1903 as the “Sanitary Grocery,” which later became Safeway, harbors tales of a past era, encapsulating the spirit of the community and the evolution of commerce in our quaint town.

Historic Safeway Grocery Store in Vienna, VA

A Prologue Written in Brick and Mortar

A cornerstone bearing “1903” proclaims the building’s genesis, a silent witness to the transformations that have coursed through Vienna. 

Perfectly positioned opposite the train station – now serving as a domain for the model train association – the grocery store was a nexus of vitality. It thrived on hustle and bustle, with goods and produce journeying on the rails and alighting here, a gateway to the town’s households.

As the railroads receded into history, the old tracks found a new lease on life as the W&OD trail, a vein of pathways coursing through the center of our town and connecting 45 miles of Fairfax County, with our building proudly overlooking it. The famous Vienna Red Caboose and the large mural nearby narrate stories of these tracks, ensnaring the curiosity of passersby and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Red Caboose Vienna, VA

The Era of Safeway and Beyond

The narrative took a twist in 1928 when Sanitary Grocery welcomed a new chapter under the banner of Safeway, augmenting its legacy until the echoes of progress beckoned Safeway to a larger space on Maple Avenue. 

Our building, like a seasoned chameleon, adapted through the decades, hosting a melange of ventures in the 1970s and 1980s from Vienna Floors downstairs to the decades-long homage of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) upstairs in our current office space, each layer adding to its rich tapestry.

Commonwealth Home Design and Vienna Floors Office Building Vienna, VA

Commonwealth Home Design: Another New Building Chapter

In 2005, the baton was passed to Commonwealth Home Design as we became the owners of the historic property for our Home Remodeling Design/Build team of 37 years and counting. 

Venturing beyond the threshold, one can sense the whispers of history, from VFW Hall spaghetti dinners that warmed hearts to a speakeasy door that hinted at clandestine gatherings. 

The finds of costumes and an authentic Victorian coffin in the closet — relics from the building occupants participating in the town’s Halloween parades — exude a charm that is palpable.

Today, as Greenheart Juice Shop breathes contemporary life into the downstairs space and Commonwealth Home Design on the second floor approaches its 40th anniversary of providing residential design-build services throughout the Town of Vienna and beyond, the essence of community and heritage flourishes unabated. 

Overlooking the W&OD trail, the Commonwealth Home Design Office is not just a place of community-serving businesses but a cornerstone in the truest sense, ensconced in the heart of Vienna’s narrative.

Commonwealth Home Design and Greenheart Juice Building

Vienna, VA: A Backdrop Rich in Heritage

Vienna, VA, cradles this historic gem within its embrace, a town where history is not just preserved but lived. Each building, each street, and the celebrated W&OD trail weave together a tapestry that is vibrant and lush with stories. 

From the historic Red Caboose, which pays homage to the town’s railway lineage, to the numerous historic properties punctuating its landscape, Vienna is a testament to the enduring allure of continuity and change.

A Legacy Continues

The history of our office space is more than a tale of bricks and mortar; it is a celebration of resilience, community, and the timeless art of design. Working within its walls is a daily reminder of the beauty of architectural evolution and the importance of preserving the stories that buildings tell. 

For nearly 40 years, we have provided homeowners throughout Northern Virginia with cherished spaces for their families. We are proud to be part of Vienna’s storied landscape. 

Commonwealth Home Design

208-A Dominion Rd. NE

Vienna, VA, 22180