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Wouldn’t it be great to “test drive” your builder before fully committing?

The work we do for you during the first two stages of the design-build process affords you the opportunity to evaluate our commitment to excellence, so that you can move forward into construction with the assurance of a quality experience.

Do you need help setting (and sticking to) a reasonable project budget?

Our ability to assess your scope of work, pose the right questions and offer budget insight stems from decades of experience with residential home remodeling projects of all magnitudes. If the project scope changes during the initial design process, designs and budgets can be expediently adjusted because all project capabilities are housed under one roof.

Want to avoid being the middle-person between your architect or designer and builder?

Most clients don’t have the time or desire to manage relationships between architects and builders. We’ve all heard horror stories of these two entities playing against one another, resulting in an atmosphere of distrust and poor communication. This tension can quickly snowball into poor project quality and higher costs.

Design-build ensures a single-point responsibility and seamless integration of design and construction. Commonwealth’s dedicated team of architects and designers works hand-in-hand with project craftsmen, estimators, structural engineers, and permit processors, to expedite the entire project from start to finish. Having all project resources on one team means issues can be prioritized and resolved in minutes.

Ready to get started? See our helpful list on How to Plan for a Major Home Remodeling Project and get ready to embrace a new quality of life for years to come!

What makes Commonwealth different from other design-build firms?

Commonwealth is co-owned by a registered architect with over nearly 40 years experience and employs architectural staff as project managers. Design integrity and integration during the construction process is paramount. With a registered architect owner and in-house architectural staff, design is communicated much more effectively and efficiently in our design-build process. Problems can be solved in moments rather than hours or days; prioritizing tasks is simplified. Additionally, we have:

Multiple Disciplines In-House

Commonwealth integrates various disciplines in-house giving us tight control over timelines and processes that many companies relying solely on sub-contractors, don’t have. It also allows us to respond quickly and effectively to any situation that may occur during design and construction.

Expert Kitchen and Bath Designers

We’ve had expert kitchen and bath designers on our in-house team for decades. This allows us to seamlessly incorporate kitchen and bath design, built-ins, fireplace designs, and interior design into any kitchen, bath, or other home remodeling project.

In-house Project Supervisors

Many clients ask us the very important question about whether our construction personnel are on-staff or subcontractors. This question stems from a valid concern about unknown and untested entities ending up on their project. All project supervision is handled by members of our in-house team with qualified sub-contractors providing services in areas such as electrical and HVAC installation. We’ve developed long-term relationships with our subs to ensure they fully understand our design aesthetic and approach.