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Tackling a home remodeling project can be an emotional rollercoaster.

Emotions and expectations run high during the excited expectancy of the remodeling design phase, but sometimes, spirits plummet at the time of receiving the estimate!

The mood starts to soar again during the early phases of actual construction because of the perceived rapid progress.

As work proceeds the emotional curve starts high and heads downhill. Installation of electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning seems tedious, compared with the heady progress of the framing stages.

Drywall installation is often a low point because the drab, dusty drywall closes in previously wide-open spaces. The effect can be suffocating – and there aren’t yet any beautiful colors or details in focus.

As installation of interior finishes progresses, the mood starts to brighten, especially as colors and textures come together. Though, anxiety about details and schedule can set in.

At the end of the job it is typical to feel like “We love you but please get out of our house!” It can take a little time to recover – from the stress of the effort, activity, and disruption.

The best way to describe the home remodeling process is to call it an “Invasion”. But the end result is worth a few months of disruption.

Commonwealth understands what you’re facing. Our processes proactively manage the progress, speed the project along, and pave the way for an excellent experience.

Contact us to today discuss these issues and any other concerns you may have.