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Kitchen Remodeling Northern Virginia

Commonwealth Home Design Kitchen Remodeling

Virtually all of Commonwealth’s home remodeling projects in Northern Virginia involve kitchen remodeling. We recommend creative design techniques to optimize storage, improve workflow, increase efficiency, and achieve symmetry, proportion and rhythm in kitchens.

A gorgeous kitchen begins with inspiration and thrives on expertise and attention to detail. Whether you’ve envisioned a gourmet kitchen for cooking, a more expansive dining area for entertaining, or both, the professionals at Commonwealth Home Design can help achieve your dreams.

A full kitchen makeover and/or expansion can significantly improve the ambience of your home. Lighting, cabinetry, color selection, countertops, and appliances, if all coordinated professionally, have a dramatic impact on the design of a kitchen. An experienced architect can create a new kitchen with thoughtful details that will make it the centerpiece of your home.

Frequently we remove walls and visual barriers between cooking and eating spaces to maximize a visual openness and functionality. Opening the kitchen to a grand family room, for instance, facilitates casual entertaining. The character of your home is largely influenced by the design of your kitchen!

Several of our clients have gained storage space through the integration of oversized pantries, built-in benches and custom-sized cabinets (ask us about our secret for increasing drawer space by 15%!).

At Commonwealth, we listen to your needs and evaluate your existing home to determine how areas within your kitchen may be repurposed.

Achieving your dream kitchen is a cinch when working with an expert architect and experienced design/build team. If you’re interested in creating a luxury kitchen you will cherish for years to come, contact Commonwealth Home Design at 703-255-9861 to start your kitchen remodeling project!

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Kitchen Remodeling Northern Virginia