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There’s a certain charm that front porches add to homes, creating a welcoming ambiance and fostering a sense of community among neighbors. For years, Commonwealth Home Design has worked with a growing number of homeowners in Vienna, Virginia, who have wanted to add a porch to their house, but were unable to due to restrictive zoning codes. 

We’re excited to share the news that the zoning codes in the Town of Vienna recently have been amended. As a result of this modification, countless homeowners will be able to create beautiful and functional front porches that will help boost property values and take advantage of all the benefits that come with having a front porch.

Screened in Porch

Photo Courtesy: Better Homes & Gardens

What Vienna’s New Zoning Code Changes Mean for Your Home

Formerly, the town’s zoning code required porches to adhere strictly to the setback limits; this presented a significant hurdle for countless homeowners desiring to add a front porch to their homes. However, this situation has now changed significantly, thanks to a pivotal alteration in the Town of Vienna’s zoning code.

Vienna VA Porch Zoning Update

The revised code permits front porches on single-family detached residences in selected zoning districts to extend up to 8 feet beyond the setback limit, provided they stand no taller than 14 feet and remain open on three sides – which is the norm for most porches. Understandably, there may be additional restrictions, so it’s essential to have someone familiar with building codes analyze your particular circumstances.

Home remodeling project gorgeous porchThe Benefits of Adding a Front Porch

From enhanced curb appeal and quality of life to increased property value, the addition of a front porch brings with it a plethora of benefits:

Protection from Elements: Porches act as a haven from extreme sunlight and rain for humans, pets, and furniture!   Outdoor fabrics such as cushions and carpets last longer when  not exposed to sun and rain.

Screen Porch Ideas

Photo Courtesy: Better Homes & Gardens

Increased Property Value: Adding a porch makes your property more attractive to prospective buyers, making it a compelling long-term investment.

New Craftsman Style Home in Vienna, VirginiaExtended Living Space: With careful planning and thoughtful design, porches can significantly increase your living area, providing an ideal spot for outdoor dining, relaxation, and socializing.

Home Remodeling comfortable porch

Community Connection: From waving at neighbors to engaging in friendly chitchat with passersby, front porches weave a community thread stronger and more personal than any other architectural feature.

Home Design in Vienna VA with curb appealImproved Quality of Life: From watching the stars appear on a clear night to snuggling up with a book, a front porch brings a sentimental charm that enriches your living experience like no other part of the home. It extends beyond just being an addition to your property; it becomes a cherished place for sharing stories, witnessing life’s little events, and much more.

Happy Porch-Sitting!

The revision in the Town of Vienna’s zoning code marks a significant milestone for current and future homeowners. This change brings an opportunity to invest in your home’s value, foster a sense of community, and enhance your day-to-day living experience. 

beautiful wrap around porch in vienna virginia

As your home remodeling partner, Commonwealth Home Design remains committed to helping you transcend your home’s potential, creating spaces that are luxurious, welcoming, and functional. Contact us today to enjoy your new porch by the spring! 

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