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From getting ready in the morning to de-stressing in the tub at night, bathrooms are spaces where we kick off our days and escape the demands of the outside world.

Remodeling your bathroom is one of those renovation projects that can bring a spectacular change to your quality of life and the ambiance of your entire home. Bathrooms are also spaces where you can express your creativity while maintaining a functional design.

Bathroom renovations can seem like a daunting task. That’s why it’s good to have fresh ideas to inspire and inform your next bathroom remodeling project. 

Let’s explore some bathroom design choices that are trending in 2023. 

Removing Built-In Tubs

Pedestal tubs have been on-trend for several years now – and they’re here to stay.  We often recommend removing drop-in tubs (those set in tile platforms) to free up bathroom space. A modern free-standing tub is an eye-catching focal point in the bathroom, and the reclaimed space may allow for a long vanity and a spacious shower. Jetted tubs have declined in popularity, though they are still available.  

Pedestal Tub as Bathroom Focal Point

Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

Home Remodeling Northern VirginiaLuxurious Walk-In Showers

While there’s no better feeling than luxuriating in a much-deserved bath on a quiet evening, where space is a concern, showers are generally trending in favor of tubs in 2023. Curbless and frameless walk-in showers are a practical and attractive choice for bathrooms, large and small. 

Rain shower heads and steam showers can make you feel like you’ve been whisked away to a fabulous spa retreat. Adding a bench or built-in seating encourages relaxation and provides a place to prop your leg for shaving. Niches for storing shampoo, conditioner, and body wash should add a creative flair. Niches can be square, rectangular, or linear vertically or horizontally.

Eliminating the ubiquitous framed shower door and framed wing walls, dramatically opens up any bathroom. Frameless clear glass panels and shower doors bring upscale spa vibes and allow light into the shower. A steam shower necessitates a full enclosure of tile, floor-to-ceiling glass, and a carefully planned steam unit location. Steam showers can be combined with saunas these days.

For a trendy industrial look, consider black grid shower doors. Or, for a European Spa look for your bathroom remodel, consider a simple glass panel only.  

Grid Shower Door in Upscale Bathroom

Master Bathroom Remodel After

Bathroom Remodel Great Falls, VirginiaNatural Wood & Painted Vanities

While all-white vanities and bathroom cabinets remain very popular, many homeowners are incorporating blues, greens, and natural wood and painted finishes. These design choices align with the rising appeal of modern organic design and natural colors in whole-house remodeling projects.  

Vanities should have plenty of drawers and cabinets for storing bathroom and beauty products, as well as candles, wine glasses, and books. Of course, you’ll also want plenty of counter space for morning routines. 

Natural Wood Vanity in Bathroom Remodel

Blue Vanity in Bathroom Remodel

Oversize Vanity in Bathroom RemodelLuxury Design Accents

In 2023 bathroom designs, we see more selection of higher-end materials and fixtures, like natural stones and woods, unlacquered brass, and champagne gold hardware. Strategically combining different metals and woods can create a sophisticated look. 

Specialty mirrors elevate any bathroom, especially when paired with upscale cabinetry that looks and feels like you’d see in an extravagant hotel.

Texture can be achieved with tile and fabrics, such as area rugs (instead of bath mats) and elevated hardware. 

Floor-to-ceiling white curtains aren’t for just living rooms anymore! They’re fabulous surrounding a free-standing soaking tub tucked into bay windows for a spa-like feel. 

While light colors expand spaces, a single dark accent wall, such as a dark tile at the back of a shower wall, can ‘pull’ and expand your view. Rich shades of blue on vanities and walls are trending – from deep vibrant accent shades, including navy and teal, to subtle powder blues. 

Master Bathroom After Remodel

Luxury Bathroom FinishesDecorative and Natural Lighting

Choosing the proper lighting for your morning and evening routines is essential for modern bathroom design. Both natural daylight and dimmable lighting can optimize your beauty and relaxation options in the same space. Lighting placement is so critical in bathroom designs. Two sconces on either side of the vanity provide more flattering facial lighting than a single light over a medicine cabinet. 

Incorporating decorative pendants, sconces, or ornate ceiling lights can add elegance and flair to a bathroom remodel. Designing your bathroom around a window can bring in natural light and provide a sense of openness in even the smallest spaces. 

A thoughtful lighting plan around decorative, functional, and natural light will set the perfect mood for starting and ending your day. 

Decorative Lighting Bathroom RemodelHome Remodeling Northern Virginia

Smart Technology

Over the past few years, smart technology has made its way into bathroom designs. Smart technology can control things like lighting, temperature, water, heated floors, and music in your bathroom. Smart mirrors can even display the weather, news, and your calendar while you’re getting ready. It can also monitor your water usage to ensure your family isn’t wasting water.

Frameless Doorless Modern Walk-in Shower

Blended Styles 

Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned how different finishes, materials, and textures can be blended to create a stylish, modern bathroom design. 

Homeowners are looking for thoughtful, artistic blends of modern and classic styles, incorporating Contemporary, Art Deco, Farmhouse, Victorian and Industrial design into bathroom furniture, fixtures, decor, and wall finishes.

Whether you’re designing a new bathroom within a home addition or renovating one or more bathrooms as part of a whole house remodel, these are some of the top 2023 bathroom design trends you may want to consider incorporating into your project.

Home Remodeling Northern Virginia

Blended Styles

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