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Remodeling is an adventure and with all adventures, needs planning to succeed. Here’s a list of five things you can do to prepare for an engaging and efficient remodeling project:

1. Gather Ideas for your Home Remodeling Project

Gather ideas in magazines, books, Pinterest, or other online sources that are similar to what you’re envisioning.

2. Consider Your Space

Consider how you use the space today and how you’ll want to use it in the future.

3. Consider Your Schedule

Determine how having workers in your home and unusable spaces may disrupt your schedule. Is there a time of the year that’s more suitable for potential disruptions? Is there a particular event at which you would like to showcase your new space?

4. Determine How You’ll Finance Your Remodeling Project

Consider how you’ll finance the project; remember that many lenders consider what the value of a home will be AFTER the remodel when offering finance.

5. Look at Other Options

Is remodeling your home the best option? In some cases, it may be more efficient to start new. See Washington Times article, Renovate Old Home or Tear it Down? for more insight.

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