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It’s time to get your house ready for holiday gatherings and hibernating in the chillier months ahead. Working with an experienced design/build firm will help you plan a home remodeling project that minimizes disruptions and ensures you can enjoy stress-free holidays in shiny new spaces!

1) Home Additions

An addition can create larger spaces for mixing, mingling and entertaining. Adding onto and renovating the first floor of your home may allow for an expansive new kitchen. A professionally designed kitchen can easily become the centerpiece of your home. A sunroom addition can provide a light and airy relaxation space with lots of glass and outdoor views. First and second story additions are increasingly popular and may be a cost-effective way to gain extra space in your home for a master suite, an in-law suite, a laundry room, a dream closet, an office, or a “bonus room”.

Substantial Colonial Cape Cod AdditionSubstantial Colonial Cape Cod Addition

2) Bathroom Remodel

There are several ways to make your bathroom toasty in chilly weather. One of the most luxurious things you can do is invest in radiant-heat flooring. Not only is stepping onto a warm floor far nicer than stepping onto a freezing cold bathroom floor, radiant floors also provide a great source of ambient heat, which is particularly helpful in bathrooms located in cold parts of the house (basements, corners of the house, above garages, etc.) Heated towel bars are also a wonderful way to quickly warm up when you step out of a shower.

Steam showers are gaining popularity as a master bath must-have. They’re easy to use and have a variety of health benefits. Most of all, they add value to the home while saving homeowners the cost and time investment needed to travel to and from a nearby spa.

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Bathroom Remodeling Northern VirginiaBathroom with Serenity and Balance

3) Kitchen Remodel

A full kitchen makeover and/or expansion can significantly improve the ambiance of your home in preparation for the busy holiday season ahead. Lighting, cabinetry, color selection, countertops, and appliances, if all coordinated professionally, have a dramatic impact on the design of a kitchen. An experienced architect can create a new kitchen with thoughtful details and an efficient workflow.

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Home Remodeling Northern Virginia Kitchen RemodelRenovated Kitchen with Oversized Island for Food Prep and Entertaining 

4) Deck

Building a deck in fall may result in less of a negative impact on your landscape. During the spring or summer season, the weather can range from hot, sweltering days to stormy, rainy days with very little warning. During the fall season, the weather is much more bearable. The cooler weather dries out the landscape making it easier to build a deck on the yard without causing any significant damage to your property. By the time spring arrives, you will be enjoying your new deck without having to worry about how hot it is or dealing with building delays due to bad weather!

Home Remodeling Northern Virginia Major AdditionDeck and Sunroom Addition

5) In-law & Main Floor Master Suites

At Commonwealth Home Design, we’re getting more requests for first-floor master suites with full baths, additional closets, and, in some cases, full guest suites. With the number of multigenerational households increasing, aging homeowners and budding families are seeing the value in adding-on or reconfiguring spaces for main floor master suites. In-law suites can increase the value of your home, create space for multigenerational living and in many cases, can be the same cost (or less) as in-home care or retirement homes!

Creating these spaces in the fall allows family members to shut down their homes to save on utility and maintenance costs during unpredictable winters.

In-Law Suite Idea (Does not Represent Commonwealth Home Design Work)
In-Law Suite Idea (Image Does not Represent Commonwealth Home Design Work)

6) Energy Efficiency

Heating, lighting for entertainment and early sunsets, and inefficiencies in your home design can lead to skyrocketing energy bills during long winter months. Working with an expert architect to identify and address those issues as part of a larger home renovation project can result in significant short- and long-term cost savings.

If you’re considering a fall remodeling project, let’s talk now! We’re confident Commonwealth Home Design has the expertise and vision to surprise and delight you.

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