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Many children in the country of Georgia are living in extreme poverty with parents who are not capable of providing basic necessities due to the economic conditions in the region.

The Divine Child Foundation

The Divine Child Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit organization founded by Commonwealth Home Design owners, Kelvin and Susan Pierce. The Foundation is committed to enriching the lives of children residing in orphanages in the Republic of Georgia.

kids from the Divine Child Foundation
kids from the Divine Child Foundation

The foundation is guided by a set of very explicit goals:

  • To provide a safe, secure and stable environment for children
  • To facilitate educational and social opportunities
  • To provide counseling and support for the emotional and spiritual needs of children
  • To supplement the children’s education with vocational training so that each child can be self-reliant once they reach the age of 17
  • To enrich children’s lives by continued hands-on participation with each of our orphanages.

Anyone who wishes can donate or volunteer to help further our efforts. We’re in need of help with fundraising and administering to the needs of the children with medical care, mental health care and vocational training. Volunteers with skills for building repairs are also greatly appreciated.

Learn more about the foundation’s Projects and How to Help by visiting Divine Child Foundation.