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Summer is here, and the temperatures are rising! Here are some helpful tips for staying cool and comfortable inside our homes:

Top 9 Home Cooling Tips

1. Avoid using the stove or oven and opt for alternative cooking methods like an outdoor grill or a toaster oven, or a slow cooker. This will help reduce heat generation in your kitchen.

2. Maximize air circulation by using fans strategically. Position them upwards towards the ceiling to push hot air upwards and create a cooling effect. Also, change your ceiling fans’ settings so they run counter-clockwise at high speed.

3. Consider energy-efficient air conditioning solutions such as central air systems or window units to keep your home cool while minimizing energy consumption. Be sure to get your HVAC units regularly serviced and keep your filters clean!

4. Install light-blocking shades to prevent the sun’s warmth from increasing the temperature inside your house. You can also use awnings or window tinting for additional heat protection.

5. Thoroughly inspect your home for air leaks and drafts, especially around windows and doors. Proper insulation will help maintain a consistent and cool temperature indoors.

6. Plan household chores like cooking and laundry during cooler times of the day to minimize heat buildup in your home.

7. Change your bed sheets to lighter fabrics, like cotton or linen.

8. Switch to energy-efficient lights, such as LED, which give off less heat and have a lower impact on your energy bill.

9. Run large appliances like the washer, dryer, and dishwasher at night since they give off heat.

These are just a few tips to stay cool, save money, and enjoy a comfortable summer at home!