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Commonwealth Home Design has been remodeling homes across Northern Virginia for over 30 years. Our vast project experience includes whole house reconfigurations; significant bump-outs and additions; and kitchen, bath and master bedroom remodels.

Many of our home remodeling projects in Northern Virginia begin with kitchens and baths and expand throughout the whole house as a result of working with an experienced architect. Once clients see the numerous improvements and efficiencies that can be achieved, their wish list tends to grow!

Our clients’ reasons for home remodeling are varied. Many homeowners in Northern Virginia have growing families, while others are “empty nesters” changing their home to reflect their new lifestyle. Considering the growth of the Northern Virginia area and increasing home values, several clients have purchased “fixer-uppers” and call on Commonwealth Home Design to significantly renew and retrofit spaces for modern living.


Advantages of Home Remodeling

There are several advantages to remodeling your home in Northern Virginia. Among them:

Increased Space: Many aging homes in Northern Virginia have closed-in rooms and are lacking in storage. Our team of expert home remodelers understands these challenges and can identify ways to increase the space in your home. Tearing down walls, adding cutouts, bumping out rooms, and creating additions are a few of the ways homeowners can increase space and storage throughout a remodeled home.

Energy Efficiencies: Energy efficiency is advantageous to homeowners and to the environment. Our team of home remodelers may recommend updated windows and/or new HVAC systems that can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of the systems.

Accommodating New Lifestyles: Commonwealth Home Designs clients range from new home owners with young families, to empty-nesters, to aging adults. Your home needs change during milestone stages of life. Young families need larger homes for nurseries, playrooms and entertaining. Empty-nesters want to make use of former kids’ bedrooms and maximize their living space. Aging adults want to simplify and minimize maintenance, often moving master bedrooms to the first floor. Each stage of life presents new opportunities for experienced home remodelers to accommodate your new needs.

Increasing Home Value: Increasing the quality of design and modernizing one of your biggest investments will yield results when it’s time for a change. Or if you prefer, remodeling your home for retirement provide years of happiness—why not take advantage of your increased home value!

Whatever your home remodeling needs—more space for entertaining, an expanding at-home business, updating or modernizing—there are advantages to working with a design/build firm with in-house architectural staff and expert home remodelers in Northern Virginia.

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