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One of the most popular home renovation projects in Northern Virginia is a kitchen remodel. Over the years, kitchens have become the epicenter of a modern home design and a primary gathering space for entertaining friends and family. An exquisite kitchen design begins with inspiration and thrives on expertise and attention to detail from a professional architect.

The first question we’re asked by Northern Virginia homeowners is—how much should we budget for a kitchen remodeling project. And the answer is always the same—it depends.

What Factors Influence Your Kitchen Remodeling Costs

The desire for larger and higher-end kitchens has grown over the years. Even modestly priced Northern Virginia homes are increasingly demanding newer kitchens with luxury features. The overall size of your kitchen has a big influence on the renovation cost. Typically, the more expansive your kitchen, the higher the estimate. Enlarging your kitchen will also contribute to the cost, especially if structural changes need to be made to open smaller kitchen spaces into adjacent rooms. Similarly, significantly changing the layout and moving plumbing, electric, and gas will have a significant impact on the kitchen remodeling cost.

The biggest investment for kitchen furnishings is cabinets, which may comprise up to 25% of the overall kitchen remodeling budget. After cabinets, labor and appliances generally consume about 20% each of the budget. Additionally, countertops, lighting, flooring, ornamentations (ex. crown moldings), and finishes can all add up quickly when higher-end selections are preferred.

In its annual Cost vs. Value report for 2021, Remodeling Magazine puts the national average for a midrange major kitchen remodel at $75,571 and an upscale major kitchen remodel at $149,079.

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What to Expect During a Kitchen Remodeling Project 

Kitchen remodeling projects tend to result in the biggest disruption to your everyday lifestyle as many rooms are connected to the kitchen and storing/prepping/cooking food will need to be done elsewhere. Depending on the size of your kitchen remodel and the availability of cabinetry, finishes and labor, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete the project. Here are 7 tips for surviving a kitchen remodel.


Whole House Remodel Kitchen

Creative Ideas for Financing Your Kitchen Remodel

Budgeting for your kitchen remodel is half the battle; securing financing for substantial remodeling work can be tricky unless you’ve been saving for the luxury kitchen of your dreams.

According to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity, homeowners are expected to spend about 4.8% more on home remodeling projects in Q1 2022 than they did in Q1 2021. While home values continue to increase and record-low interest rates are available, there are many creative ways to finance your remodeling project.

Whatever your budget, we always recommend factoring in contingency for unexpected events or last-minute upgrades. Estimating and scoping your project with an experienced architect and remodeling team will eliminate surprises down the line.

Kitchen Remodel McLean VirginiaAvoid Cutting Corners

Many homeowners think they can save money by doing the kitchen remodeling work themselves or hiring a handyman. We’re frequently called upon to redo kitchens due to inexperienced contractor mistakes or DIY projects gone wrong. It’s important to hire a  professional kitchen remodeling team with a demonstrated portfolio of similar projects or you may end up with higher costs and a much slower completion time.

Check out some of our Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling projects and contact us (703-255-9861) for help budgeting, planning, and designing your 2022 kitchen transformation!

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