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Are you afraid you’ll never find that dream house in Northern Virginia — the one that perfectly accommodates you and your family now and into the future? 

It’s understandable, considering skyrocketing mortgage rates and record-low housing inventory. 

The good news is you don’t have to drain your life savings to buy a new house and deal with one of life’s most stressful events — moving. Working with an expert architect and home remodeling team can get you that dream house with the one you’re in now!

Let’s consider some ways to remodel your entire home for multigenerational living. 

Whole Home Remodeling for Starting a Family

Many couples invest in a new home in Northern Virginia with the intention of starting a family. But not every home is designed to accommodate children as they grow from toddlers to teens. You may need to knock down walls to expand the kitchen/dining/living room areas, convert a basement into a playroom or recreation room, and/or build an addition for more bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Starting a family home remodeling

Opening up the floor plan by removing walls creates unobstructed views for supervision. For example, as a parent, you can cook meals while keeping an eye on your kids playing in the adjacent living room. Open floor plans also have the added benefit of making living spaces appear larger and brighter when combined with well-designed natural and interior lighting.  

Whole House Remodel Sitting Room Fireplace Open Floor Plan After

Another common issue for growing families is storage. An experienced home design/remodeling team can help you integrate storage into newly created spaces. Built-in bookcases and cabinets, dual-purpose benches, and other smart storage options can make your home feel less cluttered while keeping toys and other gear out of the way.

Built In Storage

Whole Home Remodeling for Aging in Place

Making changes to your whole home so you can comfortably and safely grow older isn’t just for senior citizens. Many Gen X and younger Boomer clients are renovating their homes for first-floor living. 

First-floor living means having everything you need on the first level, including the master bedroom and bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. While you may already have these rooms on your primary floor, your current home may not have all of the qualities you desire for aging in place. Many clients also enjoy having office space and/or a craft room on the main level.  

Main Floor Before Whole House RemodelMain Floor After Whole House RemodelAdditionally, you may consider incorporating upgrades into your whole home remodel, such as smart home technology, expanding countertop spaces, adjusting cabinet heights, renovating bathrooms for wider doorways and new flooring, designing better lighting systems, and more. 

Remodeling Your Whole Home for Past, Present, and Future GenerationsOur home remodeling team understands the importance of universal or barrier-free design utilizing building materials, design choices, and aging-in-place construction processes that emphasize accessibility, safety, and aesthetics.

Whole Home Remodeling for Moving in Your Elderly Parents

In addition to the aging-in-place modifications mentioned above, many clients remodel their homes to move in elderly parents. This often involves designing separate yet connected living spaces commonly known as mother-in-law suites or granny-flats. These spaces may be created through home additions, second-story additions otherwise known as “pop-top” additions,  or in converted basements or garages. 

basement remodel built-insIf you have a lot that’s large enough and approved for zoning, a separate in-law cottage may be built to accommodate elderly parents. These smaller, fully-functioning home units typically include a kitchen, bath, and private entrance. They’re ideal for healthy, aging parents who want to maintain their independence while still being close to family.

In-law suite house

Remodeling Your Whole Home for Past, Present, and Future GenerationsRemodeling Your Whole Home for Past, Present, and Future Generations

Multigenerational living can be achieved through a whole house remodel when you have the right home remodeling team by your side that understands your current and future needs.

If you need help planning for your future dream home, contact us today at 703-255-9861 to get started ahead of the Northern Virginia home remodeling rush in spring.  

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