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Today, Falling Water is a National Historic Landmark in Southwest Pennsylvania. In 1938, it was the cover of Time Magazine representing a magical aesthetic masterpiece designed by America’s most influential architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

In 1936, Wright created the home that stretches out over a 30′ waterfall for his clients the Kaufmann family (owners of Kaufmann’s Department Store). It’s a structure that doesn’t appear to stand on solid ground; where architecture and landscape have become one. Frank Lloyd Wright told his clients he wanted them to live with the waterfalls, to make them part of their everyday life, and not just to look at them now and then.

Fallingwater from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo

Experiencing Fallingwater, in person or through other media, has become a rite of passage for anyone who appreciates architecture. The groundbreaking design is still relevant today as are many of Wright’s unprecedented designs. As stated by Commonwealth Home Design owner, Susan Pierce, “Fallingwater makes me proud to be an architect.”